Who are we?

AA MACHINING is located at West Lincoln area to serve you in all your industrial needs or emergencies, We can build, repair or redesign a wide range of mechanical components, with high accuracy and in a very short period of time, We can also assist you in the improvement of machines or industrial procedures to match your redesign or actualization needs.

As we do want to become a solid and trustable support for your industrial process, we are willing to assist you 24/7, and also have pick up and drop off service available, so your trouble will be quickly be brought back to normal. We can either supply the materials required or use yours if available.

In the same way, we can build for you spare parts to improve your stock and minimize troubles in the future with those customized components you can not easy get when required. When possible, you can just e-mail us a sketch of the required components, indicating the material and all other specific characteristics, so your case will be solved even faster

Broken component on your machine of device?

We can work on any kind of carbon steel including HSS, as well as SS, aluminum, brass, cooper, cast iron, nylon, teflon and many others. Side services: On the other hand we can provide you with technical assistance in mechanical systems improving, design of machine components and other needs for your machine or mechanical industrial process. Our service may also include the dissasembly of the mechanical system in site, as well as the installation of the repaired or rebuilt components.?

All kind of industries at the Niagara region

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